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Dishwasher hookup hot or cold

dishwasher hookup hot or cold

fill hose and with instructions to connect it up to the cold water supply. Most people do connect it to a cold water supply and they work perfectly well. Hot water hoses are more prone to kinking too to you would need to ensure the hose isnt under any physical strain as when hot water runs through it, the hose can go soft and develop a kink. May 26, 2008, 12:35 PM, hey Hleebrown: It should be hooked to the. Dishwashers often have a 50 degree wash cycle. Posts: 27,379, Reputation: 2280, home Repair Remodeling Expert # 3, may 26, 2008, 04:46 PM, i am going to take a wild guess that this is your first dishwasher install job. Asked May 26, 2008, 12:34 PM 2 Answers, should the dishwasher be hooked up to the cold or hot water supply? This begs the question, whats the point of heating water up to such a high temperature only to cool it down with cold before it can be used?

I have a 40 gallon water heater in a closet in my kitchen which only supplies water to the kitchen area (there is another water heater for the bathrooms, laundry). My understanding is that hot water should only be set to 60 degrees anyway, which is the optimum setting for a hot water supply in most homes. Hleebrown 2 Answers massplumber2008, posts: 12,746, Reputation: 1207, senior Plumbing Expert #. I hadn't thought of it, but recently read something about dishwahers heating water and was there a hot water line to the dishwasher, or does it heat cold water? This doesnt appear to be a clear-cut yes or no answer and there is conflicting advice even from dishwasher manufacturers with some claiming its more economical, and others saying its better to run a dishwasher using cold water. However, I cant help wondering why if using hot water is so much more efficient they arent all coming with recommendations to use hot water and advising cold can be used if preferred instead of the other way round. In doing my kitchen remodel, we are considering a few different options. If you want to check your dishwasher can use hot water but dont have the instruction book you may be able to download one here download instruction manual for washing machine or other white goods appliance. If its much hotter the water is not only dangerously hot but its so hot you cant use it for anything much without adding a fair bit of cold water. Mark, helpful, reply massplumber2008 ballengerb1. Hot water can bake some food onto plates and make it more difficult to clean.