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Telephone line hookup

telephone line hookup

want to use a router to connect multiple devices to one modem. (several hundreds to over a 1,000 â, ) #2) Two ISP accounts: (again more money - monthly payment) You'll need two IP addresses from your ISP. If the old phone line is still connected at the NID going to the pole disconnect. A regular voice/fax modem is different than a high-speed/network connection, so you need a different 'card' (with a socket that will match your cable). Tmobile does not specialize in home phone lines.

telephone line hookup

Re: A960 phone line hookup.
Mar2d2, Thank you for visiting the Dell Community Forum.
Does anyone know where i can get a modular telephone extension made of solid wire?

If you feel uncomfortable with this kind of work do not do it! In, Use a 1 to 2 phone jack splitter and then a filter on your DSL jack. DSL is a high speed internet connection and it can support more voip phones. View this "Best Answer" in the replies below ». 135 people found this useful, what is this 'device' you are referring to? Depending on the company, voice is carried between 25hz and 3500hz. Regular telephone conversations use the lower section of the lines frequency range. No multiplele lines on a single line phone set. When you say "different Location" are you talking about another room in a house? One can purchase this item at prices ranging between 100 to 150. Assuming you've ordered basic phone service as well. . NYou don't - you'll need an Ethernet card for your computer.

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