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Washer water hose hookup

washer water hose hookup

elbow fittings. You can get an extension hose to add more length. Okay #10006, part 1 Setting Up Your Washing Machine 1, choose the right spot. Put the washers drain hose in the utility room standpipe. You should also measure the doorways it will need to pass through in order to reach its final destination. A lot of connectors have a rubber washer to ensure water cant leak through the threading once connected. 11 If your washing machine is located on a floor other than the basement, it is particularly recommended that you use a drain pan. If you're installing new supply hoses, consider buying no-burst hoses. Because the hoses that connect a washing machine can leak or burst, this is a good way to prevent an unexpected flood when youre away from the house. Tell us more about it? This valve is usually at the spigot and can be used to prevent water from passing into the lines.

This may help preserve the hoses and reduce the chances of a leak. Show more answers Unanswered Questions Can I connect the washer to the sink water source and drain without effecting the use of the sink? This will allow you to connect the washer best.

Position the standpipe so that its top is higher than the washing machine's water level. If you see any signs of leaking, tighten all the connections around that leak, taking care not to overtighten. Plug in the electric cord before you push the washer into position. When you run a test load, you can catch any problems before everything is back into position and out of sight. How to Install a Clothes Dryer. Because of the utility requirements, most houses and apartments have specific areas intended for use with a washer and dryer. 1, a level, hard-floor surface is an ideal location for a washing machine. Before you buy a new washer, be sure it will fit through the doorways that it must pass through on its way to the laundry area. Leveling feet are the little legs underneath the appliance itself. To install a drain pan, simply reposition your washing machine and slide the pan underneath. Never try to stretch the hose, as this may cause it to break.

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